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8 Best Attractions You Must Visit While Living in Student Accommodation Cork

HomeEducational8 Best Attractions You Must Visit While Living in Student Accommodation Cork

When an individual gets admission to a university in Cork, and shifts to a student accommodation Cork, then one of the major things he or she considers is visiting some popular destinations of the city.

There are a number of places to see in Cork, which you can explore comprehensively during three or four years of your study while living in this city. But, still, many of you will be interested in knowing some best places where you can visit on priority and can have fun or can get an amazing experience.

However, the priority may vary depending upon the interests of the students but knowing some popular places will help you in the right selection while living in student accommodation Cork. Usually, students keep multiple interests, which is why visiting all these places can be a wonderful decision.

Here are 8 popular places of Cork, which are advised to everyone to visit.

St. Patrick’s Street

It was initially conceived by wealthy merchants in the early 18th century and is the main shopping hub of Cork even today. Shopping in this city will definitely be a great experience. On the other hand, you can see some good architecture also at this place, and different architectural styles reflect change over the past two centuries.

The English Market

The English Market is located in the heart of Cork City, and an eye-catching fountain in the center is one of its major allures. This is a quirky roofed food market, which has been trading since the year 1788. This market gained global fame when Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain went on her first-ever state visit to Ireland in the year 2011.

Sample Local Fare at Farmgate Restaurant is a major subject of interest for the visitors.

Fitzgerald Park and Cork Public Museum

Fitzgerald Park is named after Edward Fitzgerald, the Lord Mayor of the city, who organized an international exhibition in the year 1902. Fitzgerald Park is considered as a tranquil oasis on the outskirts of the city of Cork. Original pavilion and ornamental fountain are still featured by it from the era.

Cork Public Museum is also in the park and it can be found in the former “Shrubbery House”. The major highlights of the museum are collections of silver and ceramics, as well as things relating to the history of Cork.

Blarney Castle and the Blarney Stone

Blarney Castle is Ireland’s most talk-about attraction, and it is located just northeast of Cork City. It is an attractive old fortress and is a place where the world-famous Blarney Stone is found.

It was built more than six centuries ago by an Irish chieftain named Cormac MacCarthy. The castle grounds can also be wandered to find the gardens, the Witch’s Kitchen, the Witch Stone, the Badger’s Cave, and the Wishing Steps.  

Cork City Gaol Heritage Center

Here, you can witness the atmospheric and historic city Gaol, which was opened in 1824 and closed in 1923. It was originally the prison that housed both male and female prisoners who committed crimes at the borders of the city.

Crawford Arty Gallery contains permanent collections of paintings, sculptures, and prints. It also has crafts, stained glass, and ceramics. In the sculpture galleries, you find Irish and European sculptures as well as Greco-Roman casts by Antonio Canova. The sculpture dates from the 19th century to the modern era.

The museum comprises a collection of paintings that is extensive. Here, you can find the works from the 16th century to the present.

Moreover, Crawford Gallery Café can be found here, which is popular for a meal for both tourists and local residents alike.

Blackrock Castle Observatory

At the shores of River Lee, it is set, where it meets Cork Harbor. The castle comprises various battlements as well as sturdy fortifications that seem to embody the castles of fiction and fantasy.

At this observatory, you can find a cinema, a planetarium, and interactive exhibits. It also hosts visiting exhibits that nature, science, and space, and it also sponsors different types of special events.

Fota Wildlife Park

At the east of Cork City, there is a 70-acre wildlife park that is home to animals, which are free to roam in their natural environments as much as possible. Here, the visitors can observe and interact with these animals. It is Fota Wildlife Park that is widely popular in Cork City.  

To Sum Up

The above-mentioned ones are a few attractions that the students can enjoy during their stay in Cork City. Apart from them, there are several others, which you can explore in your leisure time during your years of study.

Visiting these places in the years of study will not only give fun to the students but will enhance their knowledge also up to a great extent.

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