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What holds when you plan to live with a host family?

HomeInsightsWhat holds when you plan to live with a host family?

If you have got admission to one of the top colleges in Nottingham, then you must be looking for different student accommodations. Picking the place where you will study, sorting through different course options, and applying for scholarships and financial aid, the work sometimes gets overwhelming. Choosing the right housing option should be your priority. As there are different kinds of accommodation available, living with host families has its pros and cons. As living with another family can be welcoming and heartwarming, you might be also feeling nervous about the whole concept. So learn what to expect in this article.

Is a homestay a good idea?

There is nothing like a warm welcome from the host family to make you feel right about your decision. But homestays are not for everyone. If you crave independence and are looking forward to some freedom from staying up to date with your friends, then this is not the right kind of student accommodation Nottingham you should choose. 

But if you are looking for a way to immerse yourself in another culture and maximize your language learning, then homestays are the best deal. Here you can easily combat the inevitable homesickness that comes when you are far from your own home. You will want to seriously consider living with a host family. In addition to it, you can enjoy some homemade, authentic meals every day. It is also a budget-friendly study-abroad housing option. 

20 questions to ask your host family before you move in 

If you haven’t lived with a host family ever before then knowing what to ask them will help you prepare. Lay the foundation for a great relationship by knowing which questions to ask your host family before you study abroad so you can easily feel at home. 

House rules: Just like your parents has some rules, your host family will also. Knowing the rules beforehand can help you be respectful of the family and their private space. Homestays are all about learning and growing as you fit into someone’s family. The first questions to ask your host family when you study abroad are all about the house rules: 

  1. The curfew time 
  2. The time for meals 
  3. What meals are provided 
  4. Can I cook my meals sometimes 
  5. The rules about alcohol and smoking
  6. House cleaning details- if they provide any support and what are their expectations 
  7. Inviting friends over 

Allergies, dietary restrictions, and pets 

Ensure you are upfront about all your allergies and dietary restrictions if you don’t want to end up in the hospital. Though you want to present yourself as super fun and open-minded, when you have allergies, food restrictions, or preferences, then only honesty can help you create a better relationship with the family. They understand all your problems unless you are not clear about them. 

  1. Being okay to host a vegetarian, vegan, or someone with allergies 
  2. Having pets 
  3. Other allergies 

When your program provider will ask you about your restrictions and needs, communicate everything to make your stay great. This way you will find a family that is willing to or capable of accommodating you without much hassle. 

However, how much you communicate, you have to be a little patient and flexible if you have restrictions. Not every culture has the same ideas about what it means to be a vegetarian or vegan. And if you don’t have any kind of restrictions, then eat what everyone else is eating. You might also cook a meal for the family one day depending on the relationship with your host family.

Living arrangements

Homestays are amazing for doing deep dives into the culture and language, but you can also feel a little isolated as you are away from your friends and the university. Research well about the neighborhood to prepare yourself. You can ask questions to understand the setup of the homestay itself as well as the surrounding areas: 

  1. Are other students living in the homestay
  2. Sharing room with another student 
  3. Who lives in the home 
  4. Is there any kid and how old they are 
  5. How long will it take to reach the institute 
  6. What is the best way to commute 
  7. Do you have a parking area 
  8. How big is the room 
  9. Is there sufficient furniture and furnishing
  10. Is there a study table

What to get your host family

Host families are acknowledged with the idea that you are traveling on a budget. So, you don’t have to bring anything expensive for them. You just need to be thoughtful to build a relationship with them. Some of the best gift ideas include souvenir cards, handmade artwork, snacks from your hometown, T-shirts, books, and so on. There are plenty of other options too. Just go wild with the ideas. 

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