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Role of Email Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

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There was a time not too long ago when people used to have to wait till they got back from work before they could access their personal emails. For those who returned home quite late at night and had to leave again early next morning, this often meant that the weekends were the only time when they could access their mails. And the device where personal emails could be accessed were the laptop or PC at home.

But in the last few years, the scenario has changed completely. Smart phones have become ubiquitous and have made it easy for people to access the internet through these phones. Obviously, emails are also quite easy to access now using these smartphones at any place and at any time of the day.

One of many surveys has shown that even in 2017, more than 55% of emails were accessed on a mobile device. Just five years prior to that, this number was just 29%. Because of the spread of websites, blogs, and social media platforms, the usage of emails was reducing, but with the increased use of smartphones, the chances of your mail being read on time has increased.

This is the reason email marketing has regained its importance in the world of digital marketing. Like any other sector, healthcare also is an area where digital marketers are increasingly relying on email lists to reach out to prospects.

This increases the possibility of their getting incomplete or inaccurate information, and also running into competitor’s websites. Also, most prospects prefer receiving emails from doctors, clinics, or pharmacies, instead of receiving second hand information from someone else. Let us look at a few important aspects of email marketing in the healthcare industry.


We spoke earlier of the rapid increase in people accessing their mails on email. But you must remember that the size of a phone screen is much smaller than a laptop or a PC. That is why your email must be responsive to smart phone use, so that the messaging can adjust itself to the size of the phone screen.

For example, the subject line should not be too long, and be limited to six to eight words at the most. An email for a healthcare product or service can be expected to contain lots of pictures, graphics, or videos. You must optimize them and ensure that they are easily seen on mobile phones.

Pertinent Data

We all have received emails from companies promising to have products that will not only arrest hair fall but also aid in hair growth. Imagine how worthless such a mail is to a person who has a head full of hair and normal hair growth as well. That is why data enrichment is so important for a healthcare email campaign.

Most digital marketers rely on 3rd Party Data. This ensures that everyone who might need your product or service receives your emails, and those who might not show interest have their email ids removed from your targeted email lists.

Target All Prospects

For a company in the healthcare industry, it is not enough to only target the prospective end customers. Often, it is important to engage prospective business partners or retail sellers. For healthcare, it is also important to reach out to doctors and let them know about your products and services. That is why you need to also take advantage of  healthcare email list to reach out to all prospects who would be able to help grow your business.

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