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Factors That Can Lead to Serious Mental Health Issues Later

HomeWellnessFactors That Can Lead to Serious Mental Health Issues Later

Your health is the single most important thing that you have to protect during your life. At the end of the day, you are your being, and taking care of your health is taking care of that being holistically. Caring for your health will allow you to live a more independent, active, and exciting life no matter your age and goals. One aspect of your health that can easily get neglected is your mental health, but it is just as important as any other area of your health. Here are three factors that can lead to serious mental health issues later.

Socio-Economic Factors

The first factor that can lead to serious mental health issues later is socio-economic factors. Struggling with economic factors like poverty, loss of a job, or unstable income can cause mental health issues like anxiety, stress, and depression. If you have to worry about money all the time, you will be worried all the time. This can have a real impact on your mental health that can last for life, even if your economic struggles subside. The best way to overcome these issues is with the help of a therapist or psychiatrist who can help you find ways to reduce your stress.

Childhood Abuse

Another major factor that can lead to serious mental health issues later in life is childhood abuse. When a person suffers abuse, especially a child, who is still developing mentally, there can be scars left emotionally and mentally. According to Saprea, one in five children are sexually abused before they turn 18. This doesn’t even count those that suffer physical, emotional, or other types of abuse. If you have suffered abuse whether as a child or adult and are suffering with your mental health, you can get help.

Poor Physical Health

The final factor that can lead to serious mental health issues later is poor physical health. Your physical and mental health are deeply connected, and when one is suffering, the other is sure to suffer as well. Long term neglect of your physical health will hurt your mental health, according to the Canadian Mental Health Association. This can take the form of poor diet, lack of exercise, or lack of medical care for chronic illnesses and diseases. Taking care of your body is essential to take care of your mind.

Your mental health is a critical component of your health that you need to protect and support. There are many different things that can play a role in your mental health. Keep on the lookout for these three factors that may impact your mental health.

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